Web links

Here are some interesting and some useful sites. I recommend the interesting. The useful....well, they are useful.

The Interesting:

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Close to Nature - Images by Ruth Hoyt

Ruth is an extraordinary photographer and teacher. Do yourself a favor and visit her website.

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Fennessey Ranch near Refugio Texas

The Fennessey is a ranch dedicated to wildlife and the environment. It is a great place for birdwatchers, wildlife observers or photographers to spend time in their preferred environment. I photographed there with my partner Ruth Hoyt competing in the 2007 Coastal Bend Wildlife Photography Contest. We won First Grand Prize and one of our photographs was awarded the honor of "Best in Show". Take a look at the website.

Chauvaud Photography

Ed and Lorna spend most of their time in the Great North West. Their dramatic images of the Pacific coast and their bears of Alaska are excellent. I recommend a visit to their website. I promise you will enjoy the images if you like the outdoors.

The Useful:

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Wimberley Products

Wimberley is world famous for its WH-200 tripod head. This is the second generation of this unit. It is used by a very large number of ultra long lens shooters. I used the first generation Wimberley Head with my 600mm F4 lense for many years until the second generation became available. The second generation head is even more of a joy to use with extreme telephoto lenses. I strongly recommend it for anyone shooting a 500mm or 600mm lens. Take a look at their website for other great products. I use most of them. You can purchase Wimberley products from me or go to their website here

The Vested Interest

I have used photo vests for a long time. They all seemed to fall short in the ability to carry enough "stuff" and they developed holes and tears without much help from me. In 2003 I purchased a Vested Interest Magnum vest. It will hold more "stuff" than I can carry and the only small hole in it came from a contest with barbed wire. I still use this vest in the field all of the time. If you want a heavy duty vest for real life photography in the brush or on the street you can count on this one.

Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Photos offers a large line of camera bags, straps, slings and more. I own several Think Tank bags and find them extremely well made. They are currently my go to bags for travel. Think Tank has just introduced a new line of mirrorles bags. You can see them here. When you click on this special link you will receive free gear with all orders of $50 or more and free shipping on all orders if you order by May 31, 2013.